How to say a, an, the in German?

What are the definite articles?
The definite articles in German refer to specific persons or objects …etc.
They are : der, die, das, die (plural) they all mean the word “the” in English
der is used for masculine nouns (Male)
 die is used for feminine nouns (Female)
das is used for neuter nouns (Objects like car)

What are the indefinite articles?
The same is true for the indefinite articles.

As in English there are two indefinite articles ”a an” that we use with singular nouns like kid, car or hund ”dog”
German also has two indefinite articles: ein is used for masculine (Male)
and eine is used for feminine nouns (Female)


First, let’s start learning how to pronounce definite and indefinite articles + pronouns .. Repeat with me
Ich = I

Er = He

der Mann = The man

die Frau = The woman

das Kind = The kid

eine Familie = a Family

  meine Familie = My Family


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