Animals Vocabulary in German

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Where are the animals’ lovers?


Today’s lesson is about ”Animals = Tiere” in the German language.
I’m sure that you all really want to learn thin exciting topic

In addition to some Magical Tips and Tricks to master the German language at the end of this lesson 😉

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Here are animals’ vocabulary in the German language
Katze  = Cat

Ente = Duck

Pferd = Horse

Schlaf  = Sheep

Hund = Dog

Vogel = Bird

Huhn = Hen

Fisch = Fish

Finally, Here are some advises & tricks that will help you to memorize German words faster ^_^
A) Repeating words daily is the key to success
B) Write down every German word✍
C) always remember ”Practice makes Perfect”
D) Put the words in sentences to memorize them effectively and Guarantee that you will never Forget them

Don’t forget to tell me about your favorite animal in the German language in the Comments below, My dear Friend 😍

Wish you all the best of luck ^_^

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