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Today we will talk about “Exams vocabulary” in German (Pronunciation + Tips to Learn German words online) 


This is an important and basic topic to know because Learning the German language words is the most important step to become fluent in the German language from A to Z ^_^

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Now, Listen to these “Exams Vocabulary” pronunciation then repeat them 😀
Prüfungen = Exam

Supervisor = Supervisor

Zuordnung = Assignment

Scheitern = Fail

Anzahl der Sitzplätze = Seating Number

Bestehen = Pass

Klassenzimmer = Classroom

Klasse = Grade

How to Learn words in German language easily?
 There is a wonderful method called ”Sticky notes” and I will tell you how to use it
Write down every word on a sticky note
it in your room in front of your eyes to see them daily
This is an effective method that will help you to memorize and remember German words fast and easily ^_^

Don’t forget to study lessons and Follow my advices to be able to learn German online.

I will help you to improve your German level and become fluent online and for free.

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Finally, it’s your turn
Practise your German NOW from here:

Klassenzimmer = .................

Correct! Wrong!

Prüfungen = ...............

Correct! Wrong!

.................... = Seating Number

Correct! Wrong!

Zuordnung = ..............

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The opposite of Scheitern = ............

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Exams Vocabulary quiz - Learn German online
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