Food Vocabulary Pronunciation

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Today we will talk about new lesson which is “Food Vocabulary in the German language


This is an important topic to know because Learning the German language words is the first step through your journey to master the German language in no time <3

How to memorize words faster?
Repeat words’ pronunciation regularly
Write down every word on a colorful sticky note, then put it in your room to see them all day
This a really amazing method. I tried it before and it helped me so much ^^

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First, let’s start learning about Food Vocabulary’s Pronunciation
der Hamburger = Hamburger

die Pommes (Frites) = Fries

der Salat = Salad

die Cola = Soda

der Kaffee = Coffee

das Mineralwasser = Water

die Apfeltasche = Apple Pie

Final Tips
All you need to do is studying these lessons, reading my articles and following all of my advices
I will help you to improve your German language level and become fluent online and for free

I’ll be so happy if you help me to improve German lessons and articles with your new creative ideas 😍
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