The Best Applications to Master French

?Do you want to Master French
?Is being a bilingual one of your future dreams
?Do you have a smart phone
If the answer is YES, then get ready to be fluent in the French language

 :In this article, you will find
The relation between Mobile Phone and learning French –

Online Free Applications for French learning –

 Your smart phone and learning French
The common thing between smart phone and learning French is Mobile Applications
Actually, they aren’t only for games or wasting time, but also it can be your Gate to learn the French language

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There are plenty of French lessons online, but the best ones are those that allow you to learn at your own pace
Here are several examples of such applications


learn French Online
learn French Online

Duolingo offers several tools for learning French, and is widely considered to be the best way to learn French online

Not only are most of the lessons featured on Duolingo free, the site also uses a special learning algorithm to track each user’s progress

This information allows Duolingo to create tests and reviews that fit each user’s skill level, and allows them to learn French at their own pace

Rocket Language

learn French Online
learn French Online

Rocket Language is a platform that you may want to try. A Rocket French
course is a great way to improve your grammar and vocabulary after you have gone through the basics

Rocket Language courses are made using a learning system that allows people to master a new language in a relatively short amount of time
So if you are willing to pay to learn French then go get a Rocket French 


learn French Online
learn French Online

If you want to practice your ability to read French, then Lingua is a good platform that you can try, which offers several short articles and stories for you to read at your leisure

These articles and stories are free, which means that you can practice your reading comprehension whenever you want without paying a dime.


learn French Online
learn French Online

With Memrise, you can go from zero to language hero with over 200 courses full of valuable content

So if you are ready to start learning French, give these platforms a visit  😀 and Bonne Chance!

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