Family Members vocabulary’s Pronunciation

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Family Members are so important to ever one of us, so we decided to teach you more about Family Members vocabulary’s Pronunciation

Today we will talk about ”Family Members Vocabulary Pronunciation” and how to say and memorize them in the German language easily

Because Learning the German language words is the most important step to master the German language in no time ^_^

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Now, let’s start learning about Family Members vocabulary + Pronunciation👇
der Großvater = Grandfather

die Großmutter = Grandmother

der Vater = Father

die Mutter = Mother

der Sohn = Son

die Tochter = Daughter

  der Bruder = Brother

  die Schwester = Sister

der Onkel = Uncle

die Tante = Aunt

Finally, let me tell you about some language secrets and that is Sticky Notes
When you’re memorizing words, write down every word on a colorful sticky note and put it in your room in front of your eyes to see them all the day long
This method will help you to memorize and remember German words fast and easily 😀

All you need to do is studying these lessons, reading my articles and following my advices.. and I promise that I will help you to improve your German level and become fluent online & for free

Don’t forget to tell me about the hardest word in this lesson in the Comments below, My dear Friends 😍

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