Feelings vocabulary – Pronunciation + Tips

Hi everyone, today we will talk about ”Feelings Vocabulary Pronunciation” and how to express your emotions and feelings in the German language + some useful tips to memorize them ^_^

Learning the German language words is the First Step to be able to make conversations and become fluent 😎

Before we start.. I would like to give you some advises that will help 👇you to memorize German words faster

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 .A) Write down every German word
.B) Repeating words daily is the key to success
C) Put the words in sentences to memorize them effectively and Guarantee that you will never Forget them
Katze = Cat

🐱 I Love Cats = Ich liebe die Katze

Now, let’s start learning about Feeling vocabulary and their pronunciation👇
Glücklich = Happy

😟 Besorgt = Worry

Wütend = Furious

😔 Traurig = Sad

Eile = Hurry

Nervös = Nervous

 😒 Langweilig = Bored

 🤩 Aufgeregt = Excited

überrascht = Surprised

 Verblüfft = Amazed

Learning German is your Golden ticket to Scholarships, wonderful Jobs and Travel opportunities ✈

SO, Always remember the following
To master the German language you should focus on the 4 language skills which are: ⬇
Reading – Listening – Speaking – writing

I promise that I will help you to improve your German level from A to Z for ☺ free and online in no time

All you need to do is studying my lessons, reading my articles and following my instructions and advices
👌 This what will make you fluent just like the German native speakers

 I can’t wait to read your Feedback, Opinions and Suggestions in the comments below about this lesson, my lovely Friends 😍

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Wish you all the Best of luck ^_^

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  1. في الحقيقة دروس مفيدة واسلوب جيد وارجو ان يكون دائما كتابي وسماع معا .ولكم جزيل الشكر

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