The Ultimate Guide to the German language learning 1

If you don’t know anything about the German language and do want to master it
? You will. Because you are in the right place

This article is your complete guide to German fluency ? Online and For FREE

? :In this article, you will find
A) Magical Tips to master the German language

B) How to learn German by yourself in simple steps
C) The Greatest 8 online and free sites and applications for German learning

First, Here are 6 magical Tips to master the German language

learn German Online
learn German Online

A) Answer these questions
? ?Why do you want to learn German

Give yourself a good reason, because this will be your
motivation through the German language learning journey

Note: Make your reasons realistic such as I want to learn German to apply for my dream Job, Scholarship opportunity or Traveling for Work .. etc.

B) Keep Practising
Save 2 Hours daily to study and repeat German lessons as many times as you can
? !Remember.. practice makes perfect

C) Make Mistakes
If you really want to learn German, you must be ready to make mistakes, then learn from them 😉

D) Surround Yourself in German
Watch German movies, songs with lyrics and pod-casts to learn basics German language

E) Find Native Speakers and Speak with them
Speaking will make you a Confident German Speaker in no time


F) Use German-learning applications
We will talk about this method in more details later in this article, my lovely friends 

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