Learn 50 German daily-life expressions

 ? !Shocking Digital facts
Do you know that the Total German words are around 300000 words

This can seem to be a huge and scary number especially if you are about to learn the German language online from the beginning, right? ?


Here is another Digital fact, But don’t worry, this time it is a good one
In order to become fluent and speak German in a short time, all you have to do is to study only 5% of the total words ?

First, Let me show you what you will learn in this article
Why you should study German words? + Surprising fact –
The best 3 ways to memorize German words online easily
? The Most Important German Words + Phrases –

Why you should start your learning German journey with studying words online?

learn German Online
learn German Online

DON’T start your German language learning with the grammar rules that make a language complicated ?

The best way to start learning German is to start learning simple words, basic sentences and daily expressions like greetings and asking questions in order to gain self- confidence ?

Surprising fact: Due to the similarity between the English and German languages; If you are a Native English speaker, you can easily speak and Master the German Language in no time ☺

The best 3 ways to memorize German words  online easily
Repetition is the key to success. Remember..To learn anything you really need to repeat, repeat and repeat.✍

Build up
Put every word in a sentence in order to make small conversations
Where = Wo
?Where is that? = Wo ist das

Surround yourself in German
Here are some ideas
Read short stories
Watch German movies
Listen to German Songs and podcasts

Finally, Here are the basic German expressions, words and phrases that you should start with. ^^

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