Jobs Vocabulary

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Today we will talk about “Jobs Arbeitsplätze” in the German language


This is an important and basic topic to know because Learning the German language words is the most important step to master the German language in a short period of time ^_^

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Now, let’s start learning about Jobs vocabulary + Pronunciation 😀
der Architekt = Architect

der Programmierer = Programmer

der lehrer = Teacher

der Journalist = Journalist

der Musiker = Musician

der Fotograf = Photographer

der Student = Student

How to memorize words with magical Sticky Notes
Write down every word on a colorful sticky note
Put it in your room in front of your eyes to see them all the day long
This method will help you a lot to memorize and remember German words fast and easily ^_^

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All you need to do is studying these lessons, reading my articles and following my advices.. and I will help you to improve your German level and become fluent online and for free

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