Online and FREE: Master German in daily 3 minutes

? ..Let me ask you some questions
?What is the most-spoken mother tongue in Europe
?…….. The first printed book was written in
English and ……. share 60% of their vocabulary

YES, it’s the GERMAN language which is spoken by 95 million native speakers around the world ?

 ?:In this article, you will find
Three good reasons to learn the German language –

 Tips to learn the German language online –
Magical Way to for all of you to become fluent in German –

First, Three good reasons to learn the German language online
A) German is Easy to learn
B) Learning how to speak German will help you to travel abroad either for scholarships or work etc
?C) Fluency in German .. is your magical gate to fortune

learn German Online
learn German Online

Second, Here are 4 Tips to learn the German language online
A) The key to remember the German language is practicing
All you have to do is Saving 3 Hours daily to repeat German  lessons

? !B) Travel to Germany by 0$
Watch German movies, songs with lyrics and pod-casts to learn basics German language

C) Use your English language to teach yourself German
Unlike French, Italian and Spanish, German and English belong to the same language family tree.☺

Finally, how to learn the basics of German language course ONLINE and FOR FREE
I highly recommend German Pod101 which is an online
German language learning Channel on YouTube
It is the best online German language course

? :You will learn in German Pod 101 channel
A) How to speak, read, write and hear basic German
B) The basics of German language you need to be polite while speaking by a Native Speaker


C) How to introduce yourself in German

Every video’s duration: 3 minutes

:German Pod 101 channel link

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To Test your German Level:

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