How to Learn Spanish from MOVIES? (Steps + Suggestions)

Watching movies isn’t just for entertainment, it can be also your gate to Foreign Languages’ fluency
? ?You often hear this sentence so many times, right

The Truth is. It depends on “How
,Watching movies can be a waste of time or useful
In this article, I’ll show you how to turn Movies into a Golden Ticket to Spanish fluency ?


:In this article, you will find
?Why should you learn Spanish by watching movies

How to learn Spanish online from movies –
My Spanish Movies Suggestions

?First, Why should you learn Spanish from movies
A) Entertainment
Learning to speak Spanish by Watching Movies is FUN and much more Easier than taking courses or Reading books ?

B) Immersing
You will be surrounded by native speakers and that is the fastest way to become fluent in no time ?

C) Online & FREE
You don’t have to spend tons of money or waste time in order to learn to speak Spanish anymore
Now, To learn Spanish you only need Popcorn and watch Spanish movies Online and totally FREE ?

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Now, I guess you want to know more about the ”How” to learn Spanish
online from movies

learn Spanish Online
learn Spanish Online

Simply, you can turn movies into a golden ticket to Spanish fluency by following these steps..?

A) Watch a movie in English
Choose any movie you like and Watch it in English many times so as to understand the story 

Now you won’t worry about figuring out the story, you will focus on learning Spanish pronunciations, vocabulary ? and sentences from the movie

B) Divide the movie into separate scenes
First, watch every single scene in Spanish subtitle many times
Then, watch the scene without subtitle and focus on the actors’ pronunciation ?

C) Repetition is the key to Success
Listen to a scene, pause, repeat and so on several times.

D) Take notes
The most important step is to write down new words and review them daily.
:Hint: Use this dictionary to look up words’ meaning

☺Finally, Here are my Spanish movies suggestions
Cohen vs. Rossi
Made in Argentina
The Sea Inside
Nueve reinas

?Did you try to watch a Movie to learn Spanish before
^^ Write your opinions below

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