Learn the Top German words in 7 minutes

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Do you know
There is a strong and ancient relationship between Both English and German languages

Here is a surprising Digital fact
80 of the 100 most common words in English are German in origin

So this will be our topic today, we will learn about German Words which are similar to English in 7 minutes


This is an important and basic topic to know because Learning the German language words is the most important step to become fluent in the German language easily  ^_^

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Now, Listen to these words’ pronunciation then repeat them 😀
Arm = der Arm

Book = das Buch

Father = der Vater

House = das Haus

Man = der Mann

Name = der Name

Fish = der Fisch

Final Tips
Repeat this word many times daily to memorize them easily and learn German effectively
Write down these German words in your notebook to be easy to review

If you do this, I will help you to improve your German level and become fluent online and for free

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Test yourself in German from here:

Complete: ..... Name

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Fish = ......... in German

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der Arm = ............

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What is this?

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Complete: ..... Vater

Correct! Wrong!

What is this?

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German words Quiz
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Prima <3

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