Memorize 5000 French words in 3 days ONLY

 😍 Hello my dear Friends
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!First.. Here are some Shocking Digital facts
Do you know that the Total French words are around 100000 words  according to one of the biggest French dictionaries 😮

This can seem to be a huge and scary number especially if you are about to start learning the French language online, right 🤔

..Now the question is
How many words do you think you need to know to understand 80% of French basic conversations?
My surprising answer will be you need to know 600 French words ONLY😍

First, Let me show you what you will learn in this article
Shocking Digital facts
?What are the best 3 ways to memorize French words online-
My Special Gift course

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What are the best ways to memorize French words online?

learn French Online
learn French Online

A) Surround yourself in French
👇 :Here are some ideas
 Read short stories, news and articles –
Listen to French Songs and podcasts –
Watch French movies –

B) Repetition is the key to success
Remember..To learn anything in languages you really need to Repeat lessons and words as much as you can daily 😉

!C) Don’t Memorize any Word
Put every word in a sentence in order to make small conversations
Les Pommes = Apples
🍎 I like apples =J’aime les pommes

👇..Finally, Here is my special Gift
Here are the Most important 5000 words in the French language..This is an online and FREE course
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