the difference between Many & Much? – English Lesson

What is the difference between Many & Much?
You might see these two words (Many & Much) many times, right?

There are much difference between them more than you can imagine 😮

Let’s start with the common thing between them which is the meaning
Both Much & More mean “a lot of” indicate a large quantity of something 😀


The difference between them is the usage
1- Much with uncountable nouns such as water, money and milk … etc

Ex: How much bread is there?

2- Many with countable nouns such as sisters, chairs and pens … etc
Ex: How many students are in the class?

Now, Let’s Practise ^_^

How ______ brothers do you have?

Correct! Wrong!

How ___ mistakes did you make on the test?

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I don't have ____ spare time.

Correct! Wrong!

How ___ water did she drink?

Correct! Wrong!

I haven't met her ___ times.

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How ___ oranges did you buy?

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Thank you so ______ for your help.

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There wasn't ____ we could do to help.

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I've got so ______ news to tell you.

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How ______ money do you want?

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Many & Much Quiz
Good but you should study the lesson again

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