How to speak German in 150 minutes – Course + Certificate

? ! The German language isn’t so hard as you think

..Here is the Reason
 Many words in German and English sound the same because the two languages share the same origin ?
Haus = house
Buch = book
Hand = hand
Name = name
Mutter = mother


If you can speak German like native speakers, it will help you to find better jobs, fully funded scholarships and travel opportunities ^^

In the next 5 minutes?,
I will be your guide and I will teach you how to Master the German language online for FREE in  no time 

? :In this article, you will find
How you can speak German online and for FREE –
An online German course with Certificate – link + duration
 What you’ll learn in speak German course for beginners-

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 Now, the question is.. How can you speak German online and for FREE
Well, you don’t have to take off-line courses and pay a lot of money in order to learn how to speak German anymore 😉

Because I brought you an Online German course with  Certificate on Udemy ?
 Udemy is an platform for online courses with certificates

learn German Online
learn German Online

Let’s take a look on the German Course’s Details
:Course’s Name
Beginners: Speak German in unusual everyday life situations


? What you’ll learn in speak German course for beginners
Speak German in everyday life situations –
Know lots of new words –
How to introduce yourself
Pronunciation –
Numbers & colors –

 Question words

 Modal verbs and how to use them & Past Tense –
? There are Exercises for practice

 Speak German in unusual everyday life situations course’s Link

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