At a German Restaurant!

* You say this sentence to the waiter when you enter a restaurant to reserve a table for you

 Guten Appetit! = Enjoy your meal

Können wir mehr Wasser haben, bitte? = Can we have more water, please?
* If you want water, you will ask waiter to bring you more water

Ich möchte zahlen = I’d like to pay
* When you finish your meal and want to pay money

Zum mitnehmen, bitte = To take away, please (delivery)

Ich möchte es lieber ohne scharf = I’d prefer it not too spicy

 Darf ich bitte die Karte sehen? = May I see the menu, please?
* When you want to see the menu (food list) to choose an order

Ich möchte jetzt bestellen = I would like to order now
* Just in case you need to have the waiter’s attention.

Ich möchte gerne etwas trinken = I would like something to drink.
* When you want to order any juice to drink it

Hat es Ihnen geschmeckt? = Did you enjoy your meal?
* Waiter will ask you this at the end of your meal

What does "menu" in the German mean?

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Enjoy your meal means .........

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Können wir mehr Wasser haben, bitte? "Wasser" means ...........

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Hat es Ihnen geschmeckt? means................

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delivery in German means ...................

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Ich möchte jetzt bestellen means...............

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