How to Speak French like Natives in 1 hour

Hello everyone,
one of the biggest problems that face non native speakers is how to speak French correctly
So, today we will help you to get over this obstacle and speak French fluently even if you are a beginner

 :In this article, you will find
Tips for Learning French –

Formal and Informal Versions of French –
Male and Female Words
Sentence Construction
Work On Your Accent
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First, Here are some Common Tips for Learning French
If you’re taking up French for beginners for the first time then here are a few tips to help you get started
Formal and Informal Versions of French
The modern French language has formal and informal version, and learning how to use them in the right context is an important part of learning the language

For example, the French word for “you” has two French translations, the formal “vous” and the informal “tu.”
Knowing the proper uses of the formal and informal versions of a particular word will help you master the 
French language more quickly

Male and Female Words
The French language assigns male and female characteristics to certain words
Male words are usually 
complimented by a “le” (the), a “mon (my/mine) or a “son” (his) whereas female words are complimented by a “la” (the), “ma” (my/mine) or a “sa” (her).

For example, la pelle (the shovel) is preceded by a “la” because “pelle” has a feminine character. As a general rule, if a French word ends with an “e” then it is likely a feminine word.

Sentence Construction
French sentence construction is quite different from English sentence construction.

learn French Online
learn French Online

For example, “I give you an apple” is translated as “Je vous donne une pomme,” However, if we translated the French sentence back
into English, it would look like this: “I you give an apple.”
So as you go through your French language course, pay close attention to the way you construct your sentences.

Work On Your Accent
Finally, you will need to work on your accent. Speaking French can be a 😀 little more difficult than reading and writing it
Certain words may not sound the way they’re written, while others are meant to be spoken in a 
certain way

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Wish you Best of Luck ^^

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