Top French Youtube Channels + Tips to learn French

The Internet is one of the best places to learn something new, since information is here for everyone to gather, but to gather high-quality information you will need to filter what you find.


French language lessons must have an equilibrium between grammar and vocabulary to an understandable level, a schedule where practice
tends to be a habit is also required since even with a lot of information you won’t be able to talk if you are not talking.

Here are some lists of youtube channels.
1- learn French with
This is a well known French teaching channel, because with a big diversity of detailed grammar with nouns usage or verbs.

There is once a week there is a especially video teaching new words of a singular type such as nouns or verbs.


2- Learn French with Alexa
In this channel you’ll find several types of classes which are taught by Alexa.

She has a series in which she teaches only the essentials some of the best videos for beginner learning lessons, mixing French with English in a technique called “sandwich”, in which she tells you the English form and the French form for the same phrase, once for you to know and second for you to repeat.


3- Learn French with Vicent
Vincent is a French teacher who decided, for our benefit, to teach French through youtube.

On his videos you can learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, which is especially difficult when learning a new language.


4- Radio lingua network.
Radio lingua network, also called as coffee break languages, is a web site meant for people to learn French language course for beginners.


It is important to notice that one of the most need skills to improve is conversation, and you will not improve it without peaking to someone, then after watching some videos you should practice French with people.


The Ultimate Guide to learn French online

The French language can be as spellbinding as the French customs.

French people are deemed to be one of the most heartwarming people in the world.


But interacting with them can still be an issue if you don’t know the basics of the French language. To experience the amazing French culture in its true vibrancy, here are tips for you to Master the French language:
What does Make French Easy To Learn?
1. French is easy to learn in sentences
The sentence formation rules in French are comparatively easy to learn. 

Memorizing a huge vocabulary can take a lot of time. But in the case of the French language, you are at a benefit.

2. French is easy with audio lessons
There is a difference between learning a language for writing and reading and learning a language for communicating.

Audio lessons are the best way to learn a language as it is spoken by the natives. French is easier to learn by audio than by the cliche language lessons.

3. There is many online and offline courses
French is the second most studied language in the world, especially when studied as a second language.

It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Here are some of the best courses or websites to learn French from:
1. Duolingo

learn French OnlineThis platform is popular among many people as the best online French course. It has various daily tasks for learning.

2. Babbel

learn French Online
learn French Online

The course is an intensive learning experience.

4. FluentU
The French course by FluentU is an immersive experience. It is suitable for those who want to be fluent in French.

3. BBC French
This website is perfect for those who wish to focus on the vocabulary than the grammatical side of the language.

Now that you are acquainted with the dynamics of learning French, you can now take up an online course. Bon chance!


Memorize 5000 French words in 3 days ONLY

learn French Online

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!First.. Here are some Shocking Digital facts
Do you know that the Total French words are around 100000 words  according to one of the biggest French dictionaries 😮

This can seem to be a huge and scary number especially if you are about to start learning the French language online, right 🤔

..Now the question is
How many words do you think you need to know to understand 80% of French basic conversations?
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First, Let me show you what you will learn in this article
Shocking Digital facts
?What are the best 3 ways to memorize French words online-
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What are the best ways to memorize French words online?

learn French Online
learn French Online

A) Surround yourself in French
👇 :Here are some ideas
 Read short stories, news and articles –
Listen to French Songs and podcasts –
Watch French movies –

B) Repetition is the key to success
Remember..To learn anything in languages you really need to Repeat lessons and words as much as you can daily 😉

!C) Don’t Memorize any Word
Put every word in a sentence in order to make small conversations
Les Pommes = Apples
🍎 I like apples =J’aime les pommes

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Here are the Most important 5000 words in the French language..This is an online and FREE course
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The Best Applications to Master French

learn French Online

?Do you want to Master French
?Is being a bilingual one of your future dreams
?Do you have a smart phone
If the answer is YES, then get ready to be fluent in the French language

 :In this article, you will find
The relation between Mobile Phone and learning French –

Online Free Applications for French learning –

 Your smart phone and learning French
The common thing between smart phone and learning French is Mobile Applications
Actually, they aren’t only for games or wasting time, but also it can be your Gate to learn the French language

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There are plenty of French lessons online, but the best ones are those that allow you to learn at your own pace
Here are several examples of such applications


learn French Online
learn French Online

Duolingo offers several tools for learning French, and is widely considered to be the best way to learn French online

Not only are most of the lessons featured on Duolingo free, the site also uses a special learning algorithm to track each user’s progress

This information allows Duolingo to create tests and reviews that fit each user’s skill level, and allows them to learn French at their own pace

Rocket Language

learn French Online
learn French Online

Rocket Language is a platform that you may want to try. A Rocket French
course is a great way to improve your grammar and vocabulary after you have gone through the basics

Rocket Language courses are made using a learning system that allows people to master a new language in a relatively short amount of time
So if you are willing to pay to learn French then go get a Rocket French 


learn French Online
learn French Online

If you want to practice your ability to read French, then Lingua is a good platform that you can try, which offers several short articles and stories for you to read at your leisure

These articles and stories are free, which means that you can practice your reading comprehension whenever you want without paying a dime.


learn French Online
learn French Online

With Memrise, you can go from zero to language hero with over 200 courses full of valuable content

So if you are ready to start learning French, give these platforms a visit  😀 and Bonne Chance!

The Best Learning French Channels on YouTube + Studying Tips

learn French Online

🤔 ?Are you interested in learning French for beginners
We can help you. As one of the major European

languages, learning French opens up a lot of opportunities, especially in 😍 Europe, where it is still widely used today

:What you will learn
Steps in Learning French –

The best Youtube channels to learn French Online –

Before you start your lessons, you may want to consider the tips mentioned here. Not only can they help you learn the language, they can also help you avoid many of the mistakes that most students of the French language make. ^_^

So if you are ready to start learning French then here’s what you need to know.
Steps in Learning French
A comprehensive French language course more or less consists of the following elements: 👇👇
 Develop your vocabulary and learn as many words as you can –
Learn French sentence construction by reading and writing simple French phrases and sentences.
Compare French sentences with English sentences to see how they differ from one another.
Develop your understanding of French grammar and context –
Read short French articles to apply what you’ve learned –
Construct complex sentences in French –
Practice speaking French –
Write your own French article or story then read it out loud –

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Today I will be your guide to the most useful French Learning and Speaking channels on Youtube, it’s Free & Online
The easiest way to start discover French language and get some results quite fast! The only thing you will need to do is to relax and start learning French 🤗


B) Learn French With Alexa
People from all over the world enjoy learning how to speak French with  Alexa’s popular online videos
It’s like she’s actually sitting there with you, helping you along. Your personal French tutor. Join Alexa and start learning French today👌


C) Learn French with Pascal
What you need to improve your French, grammar, pronunciation, tips 🤩 presented in an easy way


😀 ?Finally, Tell me, Which Channel do you Prefer? and Why


How to Speak French like Natives in 1 hour

learn French Online

Hello everyone,
one of the biggest problems that face non native speakers is how to speak French correctly
So, today we will help you to get over this obstacle and speak French fluently even if you are a beginner

 :In this article, you will find
Tips for Learning French –

Formal and Informal Versions of French –
Male and Female Words
Sentence Construction
Work On Your Accent
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First, Here are some Common Tips for Learning French
If you’re taking up French for beginners for the first time then here are a few tips to help you get started
Formal and Informal Versions of French
The modern French language has formal and informal version, and learning how to use them in the right context is an important part of learning the language

For example, the French word for “you” has two French translations, the formal “vous” and the informal “tu.”
Knowing the proper uses of the formal and informal versions of a particular word will help you master the 
French language more quickly

Male and Female Words
The French language assigns male and female characteristics to certain words
Male words are usually 
complimented by a “le” (the), a “mon (my/mine) or a “son” (his) whereas female words are complimented by a “la” (the), “ma” (my/mine) or a “sa” (her).

For example, la pelle (the shovel) is preceded by a “la” because “pelle” has a feminine character. As a general rule, if a French word ends with an “e” then it is likely a feminine word.

Sentence Construction
French sentence construction is quite different from English sentence construction.

learn French Online
learn French Online

For example, “I give you an apple” is translated as “Je vous donne une pomme,” However, if we translated the French sentence back
into English, it would look like this: “I you give an apple.”
So as you go through your French language course, pay close attention to the way you construct your sentences.

Work On Your Accent
Finally, you will need to work on your accent. Speaking French can be a 😀 little more difficult than reading and writing it
Certain words may not sound the way they’re written, while others are meant to be spoken in a 
certain way

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Course Description
A series of French rules of pronunciation explained in detail and put into practice, plus some fun tongue-twisters at the end

The course is divided in small chunks separating vowels, consonants, and combinations of letters, demonstrating the pronunciation compared to sounds you know. Each section is followed but some practice

:Course link

Wish you Best of Luck ^^

Online and FREE: Master French in daily 3 minutes

learn French Online

If you think that you know everything about the French language, Read these Facts
A) French is the second spoken language in the whole world after English!

B) French & English are the only languages that are taught in every country of the world 
C) There are 100 million French students and 2 million French teachers around the world and you are definitely one of them

In this article, you will find:
?Why should you learn the French language online –
 (How can you learn the French language online? (4 Tips –
How to learn the basics of the French language course ONLINE and FREE

?Why should you learn the French language online

learn French Online
learn French Online

A) French is your Golden Ticket to scholarships
If you dream abroad studying abroad, then all you have to do is Mastering the French language 
Students with a good level of French have more chances than others to enroll in postgraduate courses in France

Read More:  The Best Applications to Master French

!B) Jobs & Fortune
The ability to speak French is a huge advantage on the international jobs
opportunities ☺

C) French is an easy language to learn

Overall, In my opinion, self-study is better than some off-line courses because it saves Money, Time and Effort 

How can you learn the French language online? (4 Tips)
 Travel to France for FREE
Surround yourself in French by watching French Movies and Songs with lyrics to learn the basics of French language

Don’t Memorize separated Words
Put every single word in Sentence
EX: Pommes = Apples
J‘aime les pommes
I like apples ?

 Practice makes Perfect
Just study for 2 hours daily and repeat lessons to memorize them

Finally, How to learn the basics of French language course ONLINE and FREE
I highly recommend French Pod101 which is an online
French language learning Channel on YouTube
It is the easiest online German language course ever!?

You will learn in French Pod 101 channel: 
A) How to Greet People in French
B) How to Apologize in France
C) How to Learn French FAST with the BEST Resources
D) Numbers from 1 to 100
How to introduce yourself in French
* All of these previous points are in only 3 minutes

French Pod 101 channel link:

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