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It’s about the difference between similar phrasal verbs 😀

In this lesson, you will learn the difference among 3 important phrasal verbs which are look at & look for & look after in the English language..

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1- Look + At
To direct your eyes towards someone/ something

For Examples:
Look at this beautiful bird
Look at that building

2- Look + After
Take care of

For Examples:
She looks after her children
Can you look after my baby?

3- Look + For

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I’m looking for my wallet
Emy looks for her bag

Now, Tell me about other English Examples using the verb “look”
then test yourself from here and get the fullMark!

Look ___ those lovely dogs over there.

Correct! Wrong!

A lot of people were looking ___ the beautiful painting

Correct! Wrong!

Could everyone please look ___ the lost keys?

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This is very valuable. Please look ___ it.

Correct! Wrong!

I hear he is looking ___ a job.

Correct! Wrong!

I'll see you again. Look ___ yourself.

Correct! Wrong!

My sister looks ___ the kids on Sunday.

Correct! Wrong!

look at & look for & look after Quiz - learn English Online
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