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Today, you will learn the difference among 2 important verbs which are Do & Make..

1- Do
For actions and usual tasks.

There are 3 ways to say/ express the verb “Do” according to tenses:
In Present: Do
In past: Did
In past participle: Done

Here are some Examples:
– You can’t watch TV until you’ve done your homework.
– My mother did all the housework
* Both of homework & housework are tasks so we used the verb “do”

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2- Make
For creating something, and for actions that you do.

There are 3 ways to say/ express the verb “make” according to tenses:
In Present: Make
In past: Made
In past participle: Made

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Here are some Examples:
– My boss is making a phone call
– Could you make me a sandwich?
* Make here means create

Tell me about other English expressions using the verbs “do” & “make”
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The lady ___ the phone call at around 9:00.

Correct! Wrong!

this kid is ..... noise

Correct! Wrong!

How to .... a cake?

Correct! Wrong!

I want to ...... the house work

Correct! Wrong!

He ___ his homework yesterday.

Correct! Wrong!

Sara ___ the dishes after dinner.

Correct! Wrong!

I ___ dinner for 6:00 not 9

Correct! Wrong!

Would you ... a cup of tea for me?

Correct! Wrong!

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