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Today, you will learn the difference among 3 important words which are There, They’re, Their in the English language..

1- There
that place

For Examples:
There are two pens on the table
I found your lost wallet there

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2- They’re = They are

For Examples:
They are studying together
They are at the Museum

3- Their

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For Examples:
Their idea is amazing
They missed their train

Now, It’s your turn.. Give me some Examples in the comments below

Test your English level from here my friend

Do you know what ___ phone number is?

Correct! Wrong!

Is ___ dog a husky?

Correct! Wrong!

wow! .......... amazing actors

Correct! Wrong!

Our neighbors have bought a second car. ___ new one is red.

Correct! Wrong!

Are ___ coming from London?

Correct! Wrong!

Look out! .... is a girl crossing the road

Correct! Wrong!

If you look over ___ you can see the sea.

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