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Today, you will learn the difference among 3 important words which are There, They’re, Their in the English language..

1- There
that place

For Examples:
There are two pens on the table
I found your lost wallet there

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2- They’re = They are

For Examples:
They are studying together
They are at the Museum

3- Their

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For Examples:
Their idea is amazing
They missed their train

Now, It’s your turn.. Give me some Examples in the comments below

Test your English level from here my friend

Are ___ coming from London?

Correct! Wrong!

wow! .......... amazing actors

Correct! Wrong!

If you look over ___ you can see the sea.

Correct! Wrong!

Do you know what ___ phone number is?

Correct! Wrong!

Is ___ dog a husky?

Correct! Wrong!

Look out! .... is a girl crossing the road

Correct! Wrong!

Our neighbors have bought a second car. ___ new one is red.

Correct! Wrong!

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