The most used verbs in German

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Today we will talk about The most important used verbs in the German language + their Pronunciation


This is an important and basic topic to know because Learning the German language verbs is the most important step to master the German language easily in no time ^_^

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Now, let’s start learning about the most used Verbs in German + Pronunciation 😀
Sein = To Be

Finden = Find

Shreiben = Write

Gehen = Go

Sehen = See

Trinken = Drink

Essen = Eat

How to memorize words with Sticky Notes
Write down every word on a sticky note
Put it in your room in front of your eyes to see them all the day long
This is an effective method that will help you to memorize and remember German words fast and easily ^_^

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Finden means ...........

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Gehen means .............

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What is he doing?

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Sehen means ............

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Be means ...........

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